The Dream of a more Comfortable World

Teak World has always revolved around ‘comfort’. As a Mauritian family-owned furniture business in operation since 2007, we know how essential it is for you to feel relaxed and we are passionate about just that; that one thing – creating an ‘escape’ of your own which is safe, warm and comfortable. This is why every Teak World item is crafted with care and precision while injecting creativity into living spaces and offering dreams, taste and style.

A Touch of Scandinavia

Inspired by the harmonious living in Scandinavia, craftsmanship and design, we create ‘escapes’ to make you feel at ease, surrounded by luxurious beauty and comfort. We match furniture with accessories which complement each other and which perfectly co-exist with you. When it comes to home, nothing compares to harmony and comfort for us.

Passion for Solid Wood

Where you choose to relax is personal and to match different design styles, our selection of TEAK furniture employs expert craftsmanship from Indonesia and a timeless aesthetic. Our good designs of natural, functional, occasional and strong furniture endure and the natural finish of the solid wood adds a level of warmth, splendour and comfort unmatched by other materials.

Quality you can Trust

When you choose Teak World, you're looking for a great value as well as outstanding quality. And that’s precisely what we strive for and deliver. Built in our DNA, we conduct quality testing at every stage of production, from design to finish, from the selection of our designers and manufacturers to home delivery. Our direct control and involvement gives life to best quality creations.

The Great KUKA

Have you heard about the ideal sophistication and functionality or the exceptional leathers of KUKA Home? The advanced manufacturing technologies and respect for high quality craftsmanship makes KUKA the World’s No. 1 premium leather sofa brand. And Teak World’s KUKA Gallery features a line-up of latest leather and fabric sofa models not-seen-before in the Mauritian market.

Endless Possibilities and Infinite Attention

The need for comfortable, stylish seating and setting goes beyond the living room. To create a world of your own, we offer endless possibilities and a selection of home accessories and lighting. And to furnish a world of your own, we provide value with endless custom-design options. Whether it be the design, colour or finish each item highlights unique details.

Convenience you’ll appreciate

We deliver your purchases at no cost, no matter where you stay around the island. Our services bring ease to your daily life, just as our products bring you unmatched comfort.

A bit of History


Welcome to 2007: Year of creation of Teak World

The company’s first store was founded in 2007 at Camp Fouquereaux, with the focus being on quality and access to Teak furniture to the Mauritian market.

The 2010

Teak World expanded and the second store was opened in March at Quatre Bornes, also known as the City of Flowers.

The 2015

Teak World broadens the horizons of its brand and opens stores at Grand Bay, its flagship store and Bagatelle Mall. The #TeakWorldStyle is born featuring sofa collections with unparalleled comfort and the beginning of a total living concept.

The 2016

In October 2016, Teak World opens a brand new workshop in Highlands.

The 2017

Teak World starts important partnerships with internationally renowned KUKA Home.


Teak World positions itself as the best known name in the local furniture industry.