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Our delivery schedule for your Products

Our delivery and mounting is free across the island and should reach you within 7 working days as per our schedule of delivery.

On the delivery day, our expert Delivery Service team will carefully install your new furniture in your home, exactly where you want it (subject to access). Please make sure that the areas you want the furniture placed is cleared and pathways leading to same should be unobstructed and accessible. They will then remove all wrappings and packaging and dispose of them for you.

To make sure that you are completely satisfied with your furniture and/or for any self- product(s) mounting, the delivery team will ask you to sign off such documents as may be required which will be evidence of your satisfaction that your furniture has been installed.

Shall you require the mounting of your products by our team at a later stage, do mention same to us so that we can plan and communicate to you the fee required.

Access to the destination Room

Delivery of large or irregularly shaped furniture can be difficult in some homes. Our delivery teams are trained to install your furniture successfully as far as possible, but it is your responsibility to ensure easy access to the room of your choice. Before placing an order for any product(s), please measure carefully the space available to ensure that your furniture will fit into the room which it is intended for and that it will also fit through any passages, access gates, stairwells, landings, and internal doors. Prior to your delivery, please ensure the route is clear and free from obstructions such as pictures, wall lamps and ornaments, among others.

Should you have any concerns over access, please do notify us beforehand at the time of purchase.

Teak World shall not be liable for any damage to premises or any contents therein.

Express Premier Delivery

Our team will contact you to arrange for a delivery date as per our schedule of delivery so that you are at home to receive your new furniture. This usually happens from Monday to Saturday (excluding public holidays). If for some reason, you are unable to take the delivery of your items on the agreed day, we will reschedule the delivery for another date at no additional cost.

Would you require any special request for an Express premier delivery and/or a special date or time, our team will communicate to you the fee as may be required.

Made to order or Customised Delivery

Made to order or customised furniture may take 4 months to deliver as estimated delivery times shall be in accordance with our furniture manufacturers such that same may undergo all the processes, in line with our quality norms.

As soon as your furniture has arrived in our warehouse, our team will contact you to arrange for a delivery date as per our schedule of delivery. If for some reason you are unable to take the delivery of your items on the agreed date and shall it exceed 45 days, a storage fee will apply.

Please contact the store where you placed your order. Below is the contact information of our stores:

Camp Fouquereaux :

Grand Bay :